House of the Redeemer is dedicated to providing peace and serenity for those who seek "a place apart" -- the designation given to it by its donor, Edith Fabbri, a great-granddaughter of Cornelius Vanderbilt. The House offers unique spaces to all faiths for prayer, meditation and spiritual renewal. We welcome all to experience its unique tranquility.

Price List
Church Related Meetings, Conferences, Retreats (Effective January 2012)

Day use of the House: $27 per person (8-hour max.) or minimum of $324.00. Meeting room(s) assigned by House Manager.

Overnight Lodging for Retreat Guests

Single Room (shared bath): $80 per night - 7 rooms

Single Room (private bath): $96 per night - 1 room
Double Room (shared bath): $100 per night - 4 rooms
Double Room (private bath): $120 per night - 2 rooms

Meal Service

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(Vegetarian sandwich or entree for individuals available upon request. Please notify the carter regarding any food allergies within your group.)

Our rooms are comfortable, and clean; there are no phones, TV's, clocks or radios. Towels, soap, and linens are provided. All rooms have twin beds, including the doubles. There is a pantry available for your convenience.

NOTE: We require a 50% deposit to reserve meeting rooms and blocks of guestrooms. If your event is canceled within 21 days of the reserved date, the deposit is non-refundable.

Please note: We are unable to accommodate guests with ambulatory challenges as the House is not fully accessible to those with physical challenges and any emergency evacuation or the possibility of elevator outage will include use of multiple stairs.

*House of the Redeemer is a smoke-free environment.
HOUSE OF THE REDEEMER 7 East 95th Street New York, NY 10128
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Email: info@houseoftheredeemer.org